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Sparks, NV

TNT-Auto-&-Marine-Painting-Shadow T.N.T. Auto & Marine Painting - Auto Repairs Sparks NV


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Bring Your Antique Car Into a New Era

Add a Touch of Style to Your Antique Auto

Quality Repairs for Your Auto

Antique cars should always retain their old-world charm. Trust us to keep this intact while restoring its outer look and repairing it so that it regains its vintage status.

Bid goodbye to the rusty parts and scratched surface of your antique automobile. Our superior paint job will add a sparkle and give your car a stylish twist!

If your car's engine is struggling to start, it would be a good idea to get it checked. T.N.T. Auto & Marine Painting performs quality repairs for any antique automobile.

Restoration work you can count on

A unique auto and boat shop in Sparks

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Let us give you the chance to relive the glory of driving in your vintage car. We'll inspect your car and perform exterior restorative work that will make it look fresh again!

With 35 years of experience in the industry, our business can take care of your auto and boat needs. We're a unique garage in Sparks that specializes in these fields.

Get a FREE estimate on your next car or boat restoration! Our one-of-a-kind shop knows exactly what it takes to revamp and upgrade the automobile you have invested in.

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