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Sparks, NV

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Reinvent Your Boat's Look

Quality Auto Restorations

Excellent Fiberglass Repairs

A custom paint job can do wonders to improve the look of your boat. Visit T.N.T. Auto & Marine Painting to get repairs for your gel coating, a new gel coat applied, or a new design.

Regain the feeling of driving down the highway in an antique car by bringing it to us for top-quality restoration work. We'll even give your vintage auto a new paint job.

Take precautions against boating accidents by getting your damaged fiberglass repaired. Let us dewax, grind, mask, and mold the fiberglass so that it looks as good as new!

Find out how we can help your boat or car.

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Fast turnarounds

Experienced hands

Your auto repair guys

No matter how complex the work you assign to us, trust us to do it in a timely manner. You'll be back on the road or in the water in no time!

We have 35 years of experience dealing with all kinds of auto and boat services. Rely on us to do the job in an efficient and thorough manner!

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